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Online scratch cards popular than ever

To understand the ever growing popularity of online scratch cards, especially at, you have to understand the history of scratch cards. The first scratch card lottery in Europe offered scratch card tickets in Switzerland in the late 70s and ever since that time they spread all over continental Europe and of course the British Isles. Scratch cards are instant-win or lottery games where the player scratches off fields on a scratch card ticket made out of reinforced paper of cardboard. The goal is to reveal a set of symbols or numbers and cash in.

Enjoy themed scratch card games aplenty

Online scratchcards are relatively new phenomena, and was the first real instant-win games website that offered them on a large scale. Virtual scratch tickets are available in all kinds of variations and themes. They’re in fact as entertaining to play as they’re colourful and enjoyable. In order to play scratch cards there’s no more need to get the tickets at a local corner shop or lottery agent; simply visit and select from a range of amazing, entertaining and rewarding online scratch cards.

Online scratch card prizes and more

Why playing online scratch cards at you might ask? The website is simply the UK’s top provider of instant win and scratch card games. No other game is easier to play, more rewarding and inexpensive at the same time. On top of that, at you have the chance to win up to £200,000! Don’t forget the incredible odds all online scratch cards offer at – one in three scratch card games are winners. That applies to all scratch cards, regardless the theme or topic. In order to win a life changing prize, is by far the best place to achieve just that. With a few pennies or pounds you could be the next jackpot winner.

Online scratch cards available at

What’s in store and how many different online scratch cards are on offer at In fact, more than 100 different online scratch tickets can be found in the portfolio of incredible instant win games. There’s no skill involved and no strategies need to be applied to play and win online scratch tickets. They’re really so simple, but exciting at the same time. You also don’t require a huge playing budget or bankroll in order to play online and win scratch card prizes at Take advantage of the free no deposit bonus once you opened an account at and use the money to purchase your first batch of online scratch cards.

Why playing online scratch cards at

Online scratch cards fans and enthusiasts from all over the UK already love playing at It’s for sure the best play to start playing and winning all kinds of instant win, lottery and scratch card games. No other side offers the odds, combined with a huge selection of all kinds of online scratch card games. On top of that, the friendly and professional support team of is available 24/7 via email, live chat, phone and fax.

More than just online scratchcards

Regarding new games and innovative online scratch cards, always gets a fresh set of amazing new additions every month. Check out the latest online scratch cards such as Forces of Terra, Elvis Forever, Monopoly, Horoscope and many others more. Take advantage of all different kinds of themes. Football fans will love the range of interactive football themed scratch cards, whereas lovers of TV themed or fantasy themed online scratch tickets will surely fall in love with titles like 7th Heaven and others. It’s nearly impossible not to find the online scratch card theme of your choice at

Ways to play scratch cards online

Online scratch cards at can be played in three different modes – manual play, scratch all and auto play. The first one is surely the most exciting way to play: You use the mouse pointer to scratch off field by field. What else could be more exciting than doing just that? The second option is for the impatient. Just click the ‘scratch all’ button and you know instantly if you won or not. The 3rd option is for the real impatient and perhaps lazy scratch card lovers – Auto-Play. You select the amount of scratch cards and rounds, as well as the price per online scratch card. You can play up to 300 rounds and the scratchcard prizes will be credited instantly.

Online scratch cards bonuses and incentives available

Just sitting back and watch how the computer reveals online scratch card after online scratch card is one thing, but experiencing the thrill of field by field revealed by the mouse pointer another. For beginners it is highly recommended to use the free £5 no deposit bonus to purchase at least 10 or more scratchcards. Remember, every 3rd card is a winner. The more online scratch cards you purchase, the higher the chances of more winnings.