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Why are Bingo games so popular?

It might come as a surprise to you that the game of Bingo, which is somehow still associated with old ladies drinking sherry and perhaps even knitting mittens for their family at a smoky game hall, is becoming a more and more popular pastime for players of all ages and all walks of life. How is that possible and what’s the fascination about this lottery- and instant-win game at all? One of the main reasons, like playing any other kind of game of chance at a casino, arcade etc. is simply the chance of winning money with just a small wager and at the same time having fun in a social environment with others.

A Short History of Bingo Games

We already know why Online Bingo is popular now, but what about the origins of the game itself? Most people probably think that the game originates in Great Britain and therefore UK Bingo should deserve the credit of being the first of its kind, but… like most lottery games and games of chance it was actually invented in Italy. From there it quickly spread to neighboring France in the late 16th century and finally the US in the late 1920s. In the US at this time it was known as ‘Beano’. It was mostly played, as you might be surprised to hear, at carnivals and state fairs, rather than the kind of playing halls we associate it.

UK Bingo and its early beginnings

Bingo in Great Britain and the United Kingdom or parts of the former UK empire quickly adopted the US version, and rather than playing it just at fairs or other seasonal occasions special hall, first at famous seaside towns, than quickly all over the country, it was soon well established in community halls. The game itself was mostly played by ladies of the upper class, who enjoyed their cup of tea and were simply longing for some excitement. After few years of its introduction UK Bingo no longer was limited to the posh ladies drinking tea or enjoying their sherry; it soon affected the working class as well who started playing this lottery game at their community halls during social occasions.

Places where to enjoy playing Bingo

Bingo in the UK, Ireland and places like Australia or New Zeeland are usually played in community halls, worker’s clubs or at casino venues, in most cases at seaside resorts and town centers. The latest hype however is playing Bingo on the internet. For the first time players can enjoy playing a variety of Online Bingo games without preparing for a journey to the local club or perhaps even a gambling venue far away. In particular UK Bingo is one of the sites with the most members and of course winning opportunities to enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

The advantages of playing Online Bingo

Online Bingo offers quite a few advantages compared to the usual Bingo experience. As I have already stated, it can be played at home at a PC with an internet connection. That enables players to save time and at the end money as well. Another advantage is the simple fact that virtual Bingo-Venues offer bonuses and promotional activities, as well as larger jackpots and a range of game versions and variations that simply can’t be offered at a regular gaming hall.

Take advantage of Bingo bonus offers

So, what’s the real deal about Online Bingo then? offer their new players a range of attractive welcome bonuses, such as a 100% deposit bonus up to £200 or more. Furthermore, in order to try the offer of our virtual Bingosite, a free or non-deposit worth up to £5 can be offered. That’s right; one can enjoy the amazing lottery and instant-win game for free! Loyal players are also in for treats, such as cash-back or re-load bonuses in order to keep and build up a solid playing budget.

More Promotions at UK Bingo

If you think that’s all what our online bingo site have in store, you might be in for a big surprise! We offer amazing and entertaining lottery- and instant win games, loyalty club, special offers and even Bingo tournaments are offered on a regular base. In the top of it, you can try our bingo games for free, no start-up or participation fee has to be paid for; bingo games offer not only a great time but some attractive prizes without risking even a penny.