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Since 2009, Winnings has been offering his players and members incredible opportunities to play all kinds of online money games in a safe & fair gaming environment, and there are plenty of reasons why that’s the case. Playing at Winnings is not only fun, but rewarding at the same time. You can find all kinds of instant win, casino and various other games in the portfolio of this provider, while enjoying at the same time the amazing promotional offers.

Real money games aplenty at offers more than 120 games to enjoy and ever month three to five new titles are added. The range of real money games available ensures that all kinds of players will find what they prefer – slot machines, scratch cards, arcade games, table- and card games and many others more. Today, more than a quarter of a million players from all walks of life are registered at The provider is also well known and respected for its new selection of poker and various other casino games.

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Because of the wide range and selection of all kinds of instant win games, the assistance of Lady Luck is all you need to be successful at However, the solid selection of casino games that require skill and the players’ decisions, a sound strategy will increase your chances to cash in online. Is it difficult to achieve, we don’t think so. Let’s have a look what’s on offer and how to win money without great risks. All players should be aware, that the longer they can play, the better the chances of winning. A player should start building up a solid bankroll, right from the beginning. Thanks to the generous welcome bonus offers of, this can be achieved right from the start. A sound and successful strategy simply boils down to minimizing your losses and maximizing your potential winnings.

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Because of more than 120 different games at you have to decide which game or which games category suits your taste and experience. Ensure that you got a solid playing budget and stick to the limits. Make sure you allot a bankroll that you can afford to lose. Not all games are suited for small or medium size bankrolls; select a game that offers you the best value for your money. Cap your losses and winnings. Allocate an amount that you can afford to lose, and another amount that tells you when to stop.

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Most odds of games of chance are fixed, which simply means they never change. Take roulette for an example. There are 36 numbers, plus one 0. The odds to hit one of those numbers are 1:37, or roughly 2.7%. Those odds are always the same, they never change and they can’t be manipulated in any way. Some games, especially the ones where skill is involved, don’t have fixed odds. Knowledge of the odds or house advantage of various games is the key to be successful in the long run.

Instant games offer instant winnings started its website with instant real money games that couldn’t be found anywhere, or at least not in such large numbers, at regular games of chance or casino websites. Scratch cards for example are typical instant win games; games where you can win money online in less than a minute. Today, the selection of instant win games not only includes scratch cards, but lottery games such as Keno, Bingo and others.

£5 Welcome Bonus to win money

You might think that playing instant win games is complicated or involves certain strategies? That’s not the case – Playing those games at is not only a piece of cake but a lot of fun at the same time! offers you, once you have registered at their site, the opportunity to try out all money games online for FREE. Get familiar with all the innovative features and mechanisms of the games you’re interested in before you wager real money. Once you’re familiar with a specific game, use the free £5 welcome bonus, play and win money, without risking your initial bankroll at all.

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Playing instant win games at Winnings is a straightforward affair. You log in, select the category of instant win game you want to play and select the specific game. All games at Winnings include an online help and a pay-out table. Take your time and study which symbols, icons or combinations are needed in order to win money games online and instantly. Start building up your bankroll with the winnings of games such as Bingo, Keno, Mahjong or the amazing range of themed scratch cards.

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